New Zealand Student Visa Guidelines

Anybody enlisting as a worldwide understudy on a course of study enduring three months or more in New Zealand must apply for an understudy visa.

If you don’t mind note that to apply for an understudy visa for New Zealand, you should have an unrestricted proposal of spot at a college, acknowledged that place recorded as a hard copy and paid the necessary educational expense store. It is accordingly one of the last pieces of the cycle.

What visa will I have to examine?

In the event that the course you need to contemplate is close to a quarter of a year long, and you hold a NZ guest’s visa or grant, at that point you don’t have to get an understudy visa or license to consider. In the event that your course is because of take three months or more to finish, you will require an understudy visa.

Is there an age limit?

  • There are no age cutoff points to getting an understudy visa in New Zealand.
  • Would i be able to get an understudy visa in the event that I’ve just utilized my NZ working occasion visa?
  • Indeed. The understudy visa and working occasion visa plans are independent from each other.
  • Would i be able to chip away at an understudy visa?
  • Indeed, you can apply for a Variation of Conditions to your visa, which will permit you to work as long as 20 hours every week during term and the special seasons.

What amount does it cost to apply?

Understudy visa applications produced using the UK right now cost NZ$330 in the event that you apply on the web. In the event that you need to present a paper application, the charge is £173, in addition to a handling expense of £19. Charges are liable to change, so consistently check with INZ at prior to making your application.

How would I apply?

You can present your application utilizing the INZ online structure, at This is the favored strategy for applying. Then again, you can finish a paper application structure, which is additionally accessible from the INZ site. Printed version applications must be stopped at the New Zealand Visa Application Center in London. You can make your application by post or face to face at the New Zealand Visa Application Center, 66 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2BT.

What amount of time does it require to measure?

Movement New Zealand suggest that you permit around a month (20 working days) for preparing for understudy visa applications submitted on the web, and somewhere in the range of five and a month and a half for applications submitted as printed version. Preparing can take as long as a quarter of a year during occupied periods, be that as it may, so it is essential to apply as quickly as time permits.

Will I have to give any character archives?

All candidates for New Zealand visas require to be of acceptable character. This by and large implies that you have no criminal feelings. In the event that you do have feelings or on the off chance that you mean on staying in New Zealand for over two years you should give police clearances from every nation for which you have citizenship. You will likewise need to give police clearances to each nation you have lived in for a very long time or more since you turned 17.

Will I have to give wellbeing records?

To be qualified for a visa for New Zealand you should have an ‘worthy norm of wellbeing’. With the end goal for INZ to check this you might be approached to give a clinical or potentially a x-beam testament. As a worldwide charge paying understudy, nonetheless, you don’t have to give any clinical records at the purpose of use except if the visa application structure (INZ 1012) or the online understudy visa manage agenda explicitly prompts you to do as such. In the event that INZ needs a clinical or chest x-beam during evaluation, a visa official will be in contact to demand this legitimately.

Would i be able to take my join forces with me?

It is unimaginable to expect to add your accomplice to your understudy visa as a dependant. They should apply for their own visa to be in New Zealand in the event that they wish to work or study. They have the choice of applying for a Partner of a Student Work Visa, given that you (as the understudy) are all things considered:

I) Studying towards a Level 7 or 8 capability on the Immigration New Zealand Long Term Skill Shortage List, or

ii) Studying toward a Level 9 or 10 capability (experts or PhD)

On the off chance that your course of study doesn’t fall into both of these classes, your accomplice should apply to be in New Zealand voluntarily, for instance under the Working Holiday Scheme, the Essential Skills Visa or the Skilled Migrant Category.

How before long would i be able to make a trip to New Zealand once I get my visa?

The visa is substantial quickly after giving, so once you have your visa you can utilize it to venture out to and enter New Zealand.

How long will my visa last?

The visa is legitimate for the length of your course in the event that it is as long as a year long, or for roughly a year for courses that are longer than a year (you will be needed to recharge your visa through the International Student Office of your college after this time if your course keeps going longer than a year).

Would i be able to apply for another visa when my course wraps up?

Truly. On the off chance that you meet arrangement, you may apply for home or for another transitory license. For data about other visa alternatives, it would be ideal if you visit

What are my commitments?

You should hold thorough medical coverage for the span of your remain, as just occupants and holders of long term or longer work grants are qualified for freely supported wellbeing and incapacity administrations. You additionally have a legitimate commitment to be in New Zealand on a substantial license consistently. In the event that you neglect to stay in New Zealand legitimately you might be declined a grant to stay in or a visa to go to the nation later on.

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