Greece National Visas and Residence Permit

A Greek public Visa, otherwise called a Greece Long-stay visa or Greece D Visa, is an approval to enter Greece and remain there for over a quarter of a year. The approval likewise permits you to participate in paid exercises, much of the time.

Do I Need a Greece Long-Stay Visa?

You should apply for a Greece long-stay visa to stay here for over a quarter of a year except if you are a public of:

The European Union Member Countries

  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

Then again, on the off chance that you are attempting to apply for a Greece short-stay visa, you can check here if you need one.

Kinds of Greece Long-Stay Visa

There are three kinds of Greece National Visa, characterized by the fundamental reasons for long haul remain in Greece, as follows:

Greece Family Reunification Visa

In the event that you wish to join a relative in Greece, you should apply for a family reunification visa. Just coming up next are qualified for application: companion and kids under 18 of the occupant in Greece. This visa is additionally conceded under the reason for foundation of family relationship, similar to marriage or appropriation.

Greece Employment Visa

In the event that you wish to work in Greece, you should get a business visa first, except if in the event that you are a public of the nations recorded previously. This incorporates financial specialists, mentors, makers, clergymen of a known religion, press reporters, educators, exceptionally qualified laborers, occasional representatives, anglers, visit pioneers, property speculators, and so on

Greece Student Visa

You should get a Study visa on the off chance that you wish to get occupied with schooling related exercises. The most well-known candidates for this visa are college understudies, volunteers, specialists, members at professional preparing, researchers, understudies at military preparing schools, and so on

Apply for Greece Long-Stay Visa

The application cycle for a Greece Long-Stay Visa comprises of a couple of techniques, which you have to finish effectively, to have a fruitful application.

Continuing in this article, locate the primary advances you have to finish to effectively apply for a Greek National Visa.

Fill-in the Application Form

Start the application cycle by finishing the application structure for a Greek Visa for long haul remains.

The application structure has two sections. The initial segment contains inquiries on your own data, as name and last name, ID number, visa, date and spot of birth, conjugal status, current occupation, and so on

Though, the subsequent part contains questions identified with your motivation of use for a National Visa. There are three segments: for work, family reunification and study. Complete just the part that concerns you. Leave the two others clear.

Timetable a Visa Appointment

The Greek Embassies and offices don’t acknowledge stroll in visa applications. That is the reason you should plan to have the option to present your application, and go to the mandatory visa meet.

You should check how visa arrangement planning has been directed in your nation of home. You may have the option to do it through a call, a site or in certain nations, you should do it face to face.

Gather the Supporting Documents to Apply for Greece Long-Stay Visa

The main piece of your Greece visa application, is gathering the correct supporting archives. To begin with, ensure you gather the primary required records for a Greek visa:

  • Your legitimate identification.
  • Photographs.
  • Medical coverage.
  • Clinical testament.
  • Roundtrip flight booking.
  • Proof of adequate money related methods.
  • Evidence of convenience.

The gather the necessary reports for a Greek Long-Stay Visa as indicated by the Visa type you are applying for. Underneath, locate the necessary reports for every one of these visas.

Greece Long-term Employment visa prerequisites

To apply for a Greece Long-term Employment visa gather the accompanying archives:

A confirmed duplicate of a legitimate work contract, sanctioned by a public position, giving that your compensation is at any rate equivalent to the month to month compensation paid to incompetent laborers, just as the terms of business.

  • Confirmation of instructive capabilities and experience
  • Applicable Certifications, Authorization, License and References
  • Greece Long-term family reunification visa necessities

To apply for a Greece Long-term family reunification visa gather the accompanying archives:

Family status testament gave by unfamiliar specialists, authoritatively affirmed and deciphered, demonstrating family relationship.

Verification of convenience, which could be a living arrangement buy contract or a home rent contract confirmed by a Tax Office.

Steady and normal pay adequate to address your issues of and the requirements of your family. It must not be coming from plan of action to the social help arrangement of the nation.

Full medical coverage in regard of all dangers covered for the individual classifications of homegrown specialists, which can cover all the relatives you are bringing over.

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